Etta James- “At Last” Erisa Rei cover W/Erik Ferguson

28 May

Hey! :)  Here is this week’s Youtube video! My cover of Etta James’ “At Last”:

Erik Ferguson is playing on guitar. I decided to take a quieter, more laid-back approach to the song. So many people belt it out. I thought I would soften it a bit.

Please let me know what you think! :)

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IndieVille TV Interview

21 May

I thought that I’d post my interview with IndieVille TV.  I’ll get photos of my last couple weeks of events to you ASAP.  Sorry, I’m a little behind!

Erisa Rei Homegrown- Ep. 2 (Into the Jar)

1 May

Here is the second episode of my new vlog series, “Erisa Rei Homegrown”.  This time I ventured out into my garden.   As my plants come up, I’ll show different things about actually growing them, harvesting them, and preserving/eating them. I was so far behind in planting that I had to get most of it done in one day.  I still have to plant a few things, so I’ll try to get a video about those vegetable specifically. Here is this one for now:

The longer I do this video thing, hopefully the better I’ll get at actually showing people how to do things.  I’m still learning about the video editing program; and I have a last minute mini-tour that I’m putting together.  (Plus I was in the middle of another HUGE project for my music fans.)  I’m reallllly busy right now.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Erisa Rei

Erisa Rei Homegrown Ep. 1- For the Record

25 Apr

Hey! :)

On Thursday night I launched my “Erisa Rei Homegrown” video series.  Here is the first episode!:

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Exciting New Announcement!

23 Apr

Hey everyone!!! :)

I’m announcing that I’ll be starting to post more videos on Youtube, not only of me singing, but also a new vlog series called, “Erisa Rei Homegrown”.  I’m starting this to show you all a glimpse into my life and into who I am as a person, as well as an artist.

Here’s the introductory video to tell you more about it.:

I’ll be posting the first “Erisa Rei Homegrown” vlog tonight at 7 p.m.!

Please subscribe to my Youtube channel!  Subscribers who comment on each of my vlog videos will be entered into a contest where I am giving away a free Erisa Rei.

A Song of Hope For YOU!

10 Apr

If you are struggling with situation, with work, with your dreams, with life, or with inner demons, this song is for YOU.  (((hugs)))

“Don’t Fade Away” by Erisa Rei/ copyright 2014

When fear’s all around
Your sorrow’s your crown
And terror reigns
Darlin’, look in my eyes
Grab ‘hold of some pride
And don’t fade away
‘Cuz I know the darkness is real
And I have felt what you are feeling
Just know there’s more in you
Than you ever knew
Don’t fade away

When doubt is your friend
Your trouble won’t end
And there’s debt to pay
Throw that weight off your shoulders
Dare to be bolder
And don’t fade away
When you’re tired and depressed
And there’s only a shell of you left
Just know there’s more in you
Than you ever knew
Don’t fade away

Unknown Blues Singer

9 Apr


Imagine a black woman in an era where there was not only inequality concerning race, but also between genders.  The song sounds like it is probably from the late 30’s/early 40’s. (At least I am guessing from the style.)  If I am correct about the era, then this woman also lived in a time of war when our country was living on rations, saving money for the war our soldiers were in.  This woman walks into a studio to sing a song that could possibly change her life.  One song is all she got, and she sang it well.

Her name isn’t on the record. Who is she?  Did she make it?  Did her chance to change her life slip through her fingers?

The song’s name is “Time Haunts”.  Was it an ironic coincidence that she was forced to remember time and time again?

What an incredible discovery all these years later.  I think she’s awesome.


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