Video of The Tokyo Rosenthal Program

25 Feb

Here is a video of my performance and interview on the Tokyo Rosenthal Program!

And guess where I’ve been this week?

In Nashville….





YAY! :)

Chico & Bman Show

18 Feb

I was asked by “Chico” of the “Chico & Bman Show” to come on their show again.  The first time I did recorded on it was in 2012.  I came back again to record in January.  The show has been airing since early February and will for a few more weeks on AT&T U-Verse and in Nashville on the Comcast local station. NECAT just posted the YT version of the show and you can watch it below.

A big plus is that Lindi Ortega, (one of my favorite artists and current holder of the 2014 CCMA for Roots Artist of the Year,) went out of her way to post on my Facebook page, letting me know that she liked my music and my voice.  That made me pretty darn happy. :)

Thanks for watching!

2015 Mini-Tour #1

16 Feb

I got back yesterday afternoon from my first mini-tour of 2015.  I’ve had other gig dates, but from Tuesday to Saturday, I had a gig every day.


On Tuesday, I gigged from home on the Songwriter’s Series on  I played a 30 minute set for them.  They want me to play again for the series.  I’ll let you know when that is.



I started my actual road trip on Wednesday.  We headed to Cincinnati, OH, where I played after an open mic at BLOC Coffee Co.  BLOC really incorporates community into their business model.  If you know me at all, you will know how important I think this is.  I met some really great people there. Brian was the host for the mic.  He is a really sweet guy.  Tanner had something very special about him;  I hope that he pursues music more. Cody Snyder is a poet, whose words of truth pierced holes into the fabric of falsehood.  LOVED it. I met many more wonderful people there.


This gig was in Pittsboro, NC, for the Tokyo Rosenthal Program.  It is taped live in front of an audience at the Pittsboro Roadhouse.  The Tokyo Rosenthal Program will be playing on the following stations starting on Saturday, February 21:

WCHL on Saturday, February 21 and Sunday, February 22, at 8 p.m. EST.

Wrecking Ball Radio Podcast

CMR Nashville on Saturday, February 21 at 11 p.m. EST.

Wildman Steve Radio on Saturday, February 21 at 8 p.m.

You can also listen to all episodes of The Tokyo Rosenthal Program on


On Friday, we made our way to Maryville, TN, where I performed at a HUGE coffeehouse called Vienna Coffee Co.  The man-in-charge was very kind, and he also really enjoyed my music.  He even videoed my performance.  Here is a video of my song, “Learning”, that I performed that night.

I also met a group of orphaned girls who have been taken in by a privately-funded organization.  If I could have taken all of those girls home with me, I would have.  I’m so serious about that.


Our last stop was at The Levee Lounge in Golconda, IL.  It was my second time playing there and once again, Tony and Beth were amazing hosts.  I played for their clientele for their Valentine’s Day dinner.  Golconda is such a quaint town.  Tony and Beth also own the Riverview Mansion that The Levee Lounge is attached to.  The Riverview Mansion is a bed & breakfast close to the wineries that are in the Southern IL region.

Erisa Rei at The Levee Lounge

Erisa Rei at The Levee Lounge

I have another gig this Friday, February 20, at Refuge Coffee House in Carlinville, IL.

LASTLY!  I have a new web-site!  This one is much cleaner and easier to use.


2 Feb

A couple of years ago, I wrote a song for my husband called, “About Love” and played it to him on our anniversary.  Soon after, I had it demo’ed.  It sat there in what I dub my “demo bank”, never really fitting into any specific project. About a month ago, I decided to just get it recorded and release it as a digital-only single.  “About Love” is not a single for a future music project.  It just is.  It exists, in and of itself- no strings attached. :)

It’s now available on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay.


Erisa Rei Cover

Lyrics and Music by Erisa Rei Kopp

Produced by Paul Buono at Helsinki South.

Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, and lap steel- Paul Buono

Drums- Steve Brewster

All vocals by Erisa Rei

Copyright 2013 Creative & Dreams Music Network/Pesky Fly Music


7 Jan

I’m apparently on a thinking spree, as of late. Here is another boring excerpt from the brain of Erisa Rei.

Everyone across the world, with the exception of remote locations, realizes we live in a digitalized age. While, I like some of the conveniences that this era has brought, I am not content with it. I feel that there is a lack of personality with it, a sterile quality. But I will say that it is so very nice to quickly write an e-mail to someone and have them receive it immediately.

However, if I were forced to choose a preference between the two, I would choose the inconvenient route of a handwritten letter. This is because I feel that e-mails and texts are notorious for making it hard to tell emotion. I also believe that they are generally devoid of personality. Even if one inserts emoticons into the message, the receiver is still getting a generic yellow face smiling at them. A cut and paste society… That is another train of thought, I will probably dive into later.

Imagine if you were told that you had to write a letter for someone, and that the letter had to show your personality; that at the end of it, someone had to know the real you in a better way. Some people would probably just scribble something non-descript down on a piece of white paper with a pencil or a black pen, shove it into a generic envelope, and mail it out. But if they were told that they would get something out of it, if they took the time to put themselves into it, most would at least put some sort of effort into it.

Now imagine yourself doing this. Where would you sit? A desk? A table? And the couch with a book to use for a hard surface? What kind of paper would you use? A notecard set? Computer paper? Lined paper? Artisan paper? What would you write with? A pencil? A Bic pen? A colored pen? A fountain pen? What would you say? Would you be an open book or mysteriously closed up? Would you be stoic or romantic? Simple or verbose?

Finally imagine the person receiving the letter. They would, in essence, be receiving a piece of you. This piece of you would only be a faint thrum in any ordinary e-mail or text that our society uses on a daily basis now. But with a handwritten letter, they have a taste of you revealed by each of your choices that you made concerning paper, writing instrument, and writing style, not to mention your handwriting.

I admit that I am somewhat of a romantic, and that is probably why I consider letter-writing an art. However, I wonder if more people would take the time to write someone a nice letter, if there would be less self-centeredness in our society as a whole. There would probably be closer friendships, and stronger romantic ones.

I don’t think that letter writing will change the world. I don’t even think that it is even close to being a main contender for earth-shaking change. But it is a tiny step in reinforcing community. I think it is one that I am going to take up, regardless if anyone else follows suit.

Simple Stuff

5 Jan

I’m always thinking about simplicity. I’d even say I’m slightly obsessed with it, which in and of itself is contradictory.

Here I am after Christmas, and for the first time I don’t feel overwhelmed with STUFF, and where to put it. Last December, I started purging my house of “stuff”. I have always seemed minimalist to some people, but I know that I am far from my goals still. However, the past year’s purging has made things easier for me, not only with the move, but also after the holidays.

Granted, I love my antique dishes. You will have to pry them out of my cold, dead hands. That, or there will be a very large estate sale after my death that will mostly consist of antiques. Some women buy shoes. I buy plates. And books.

The move to IL helped me get rid of some stuff. I feel that there is more to get rid of. Thinking back on the boxes of “stuff” we moved, a majority was kitchen stuff, dishes, and books. If we didn’t have those boxes, I think that we’d probably only have maybe a dozen. (We are a family of seven, so that really isn’t too bad.) Regardless, we moved to TN in a smallish-sized moving van, plus a couple of straggler boxes.

There are other ways, I’m thinking of simpler things. I’m sitting here in my smallish home, and besides missing my husband who is in another state working, I love it. We are 7 people, living in a 1100 sq. ft. home. The yard is small, but workable for a garden. The mortgage is halfway paid off and with a decent job, is manageable. It’s pretty and suits our needs. Besides missing a family member, we are content.

It has made me think of our culture, and how we have neglected the “less is more” approach. My great-grandma was the oldest of ten kids. Her family lived in a 2-bedroom house that couldn’t have been over 1000 sq. ft. But her family was close. Every summer they would hold a family reunion. My great-grandma lived a happy life filled with family. She had her share of heartbreak, but she died like I want to. 91 years old, her heart giving out while eating a piece of chocolate. Seriously can’t think of a better way to go…

I’ve felt this pull to the simple for a few years. I’ve gotten rid of the garbage in my house, and in my soul too. I will still be cleansing our home. I’m always asking God to cleanse my soul. The extra baggage in the form of hateful people has been shaken off. We truly have peace.

I know me. I’ll still get antsy and impatient about things. I’ll still go into an antique store and buy myself some plates. But I’ll still be that same Erisa who is constantly digging her roots in deeper, always searching for truth. Right now I’m finding it in the “less” and the “simple”.

Like Attracts Like

12 Dec

You hear this as a child, but don’t get it. I didn’t get it as a teenager or even in my 20’s. When I hit my 30’s, I started noticing this to be true. Since that time I have experienced different time periods in my life where once I removed a toxic person from my life, I saw how I had started to become like them, like something I didn’t want to be.

Recently, I watched an acting tip video by Amy Berman about social media. She also said that like attracts like. Previous to watching this I noticed that there was a specific trend of people that I was attracting on my Facebook page. I didn’t particularly like their comments, so I took this advice to heart. I started mixing it up a little bit. I kept doing some thoughtful posts, in which the thinkers could respond to. I’m a thinker, so I couldn’t erase this completely from my Facebook page. It would be erasing a part of me.

I began remembering back to the type of person that I was as a teen and a young adult. While immature, there was a part of me that was free and happy. So I began shaking off some things that some people were saying that I didn’t feel we’re true to who I am. I began to speak thoughtful things that were more light. I still like debating the heavy things occasionally, though. I like balance.

Recently, I have watched someone make a public, crazy rambling on Facebook trying to defame someone else. This person writes in an erratic, crazy, and volatile way. Most of the people who respond on their page on these types of posts seem erratic and volatile too. Some even threatened to come to beat up or shoot the person she is defaming. Crazy!

The same goes for people who write political posts that are based on something they heard somewhere else. They mostly get people responding who base their opinions on hear-say, instead of facts also. Anyone who brings facts into it, gets jumped on like a wounded animal by a pack of ravenous wolves. So, I guess it’s true:

Like attracts like.


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